The Boat And Crew

Here you will find all the information about the boat
and the expert crew and staff that run it.

The Princess Katharine is a Class V purpose built 90 seat passenger vessel owned and operated by Cardiff Boat Tours Ltd

Princess Katharine is fully licensed and inspected by the Marine and Coastguard agency and far exceeds the
required safety standards. She is regularly maintained by a team of expert engineers and the crew to ensure a tip top reliable standard to be kept at all times.

Princess Katharine will comfortably seat 90 Passengers and is equipped with all the latest safety equipment.
A four speaker commentary and PA system is in place to provide passengers with a detailed and interesting commentary throughout the trips.

The build of the vessel and the two row comfortable seating ensures a smooth and steady experience even in windy conditions. She is powered by highly reliable JCB marine diesel engine and a hydraulic drive system which ensures incredibly quiet and low vibration propulsion. Perfect for those relaxing trips.

Princess Katharine is equipped with a full size marine toilet and wash basin as well and a powerful diesel marine heater which brings the boat to a comfortable temperature for use in the colder winter months.

Princess Katharine is at all time operated with a minimum of two boat masters on board which is above the legal requirement. During the busy summer months there is regularly a third boat master on board.

The skippers and crew of Princess Katharine are all highly qualified and highly experienced MCA Boatmasters and are fully certified in all aspects of the licencing required. 

All Skippers and crew are fully certified in Marine First Aid, Sea Survival, Fire Fighting and regular training and practice takes place. Recently all have been trained in the use of our new Automatic External Defibrillator. 

The Skippers are all highly experienced and have thousands of sea hours between them. Most are ex lifeboat coxswains and Pilot boat skippers.

All shore staff are trained in the safety equipment on the boat and first aid trained. They too have high amounts of experience in boat tours and customer relations.

All staff are DBS checked.

Vessel Information

Official Name - Princess Katharine Of Cardiff

Total Length - 18.89M

Total Depth - 1.52M

Beam - 3.67M

Net Tonnage - 17.81T

Year Of Build - 1977

Hull Material - Ferro Cemment

Top Speed - 8 Knots

Engine - JCB Marine, 85HP. Hydraulic Driven

Safety Equipment Information

Princess Katharine carries a large number of safety equipment on board. This includes items such as:

Automatically launching life rafts. 65 Pax and 30 Pax

130+ Life jackets. 

Two Carly floats


Throw Lines

Fire Extinguishers to MCA Standards

Fire Blankets

Fire Pump

Cat C First aid kit

Automated External Defibrillator 

Each seat has two safety information cards and a safety
announcement is played on every departure