The Trip

Princess Katharine offers an efficient hourly 25 minute water taxi service between Cardiff Bay and Cardiff City Centre or stay on board for a relaxing 1 hour long river cruise back to where you boarded the boat. 

A fascinating commentary is provided throughout the trip with information on the area and sights you will see along the river.

Each way takes 25 minutes and 1 hour if you choose to stay on board and return to the starting point.

You will see Cardiff bay from the water which gives a totally different perspective of the local area.
Sights can be seen such as:

The Wales Millennium Center
The Pierhead Building
St Davids Hotel
Norwegian Church
Cardiff Bay Barrage

Passengers will get a close experience with Cardiff Bay's waters with over 2000 boats being kept in Cardiff Bay. There are regular events throughout the year such as the Extreme 40's and powerboat racing on the bay. 

The boat uses the historic and famous River Taff to travel between the City and Bay. Once very dirty and heavily used for coal transportation. Its now a beautiful thriving river. You will see:

The Cardiff Bay Water Activity Center
Water Quality Protection Systems
Famous Brains Brewery
Principality Stadium (Previously Millennium)

There is a vast array of wildlife which may be seen such as Swans, Black Swans, Coot's, Cormorant, Heron, Kingfishers, Foxes and Mink

The Departure point from the bay is located on the lower boardwalk of Rhoal Dahl Plass. The lower side of the Oval Basin and just in front of the restaurants. Once a derelict dockland area its now a thriving area with a huge variety of things to do and see.

A large variety of bars and restaurants can be found along with other activity's such as the Pier Head building exhibition (Free) along with the Millennium Centre and the Norwegian Church.
Regular events take place throughout the year 

The departure point from the City is located in the stunning gem of Bute Park which is located within the Cardiff Castle grounds. It is surrounded by beautiful greenland areas and perfect for quiet walking time. A number of cafes are located in the park including Pettigrew Tea Rooms which have a fantastic selection of tea and cakes.

The city stop is no more than 5-10 minutes from the busy city centre with the Castle, Stadium, Shopping centre and Museum being very close. 

Our skippers on board are all more than happy to answer any questions you may have and advise on the best places to see and visit. 

During the busy periods you will find our staff members at our stop in the city centre and also at our stop in Cardiff Bay. They are there to assist with any questions and you can purchase tickets from them.

Fares can also be paid on board to the boat after departure.